David the Gnome

“The Secret World of the Gnomes”, the unforgettable series takes us into the incredible world of these small beings. 

Episode 15 – The woodcutter

While DAVID and LISA are having breakfast, DAVID explains a bit about the food they eat. LISA goes out to get some jasmine for the tea and a cat catches her and takes her to a woodcutter’s house. The wife sees her and believes she is dead.

Episode 16 – Ivan the terrible

David and Lisa travel to Siberia where David is called upon by the gnome king. The king wants David to stop a mean gnome called Ivan, who is stealing furs from the human.

Episode 17 – Rabbits, rabbits everywhere

David and Lisa journey to Holland to help some farmer gnomes. It is raining heavily, and there are dozens of rabbits trapped on a small island in the floodwater. The gnomes build rafts, and with the help of Swift, they save the rabbits from drowning.

Episode 18 – Any milk today

David remembers a time when his children Lily and Harold were kids. Lisa realized the milkwoman had not delivered milk that day, and she knew something was wrong. David and Harold and Lily decided to go to town and see the milkwoman.

Episode 19 – Shadowless Stone

David and Lisa are summoned to the palace of King Conrad.  King Conrad tells the gnomes he wants them to go to the island of Mentoa and find the valuable shadowless stone. Another great adventure.

Episode 20 – Friends in trouble

David and Lisa learn that a hunter is in the forest trapping birds including David’s friend, the flycatcher. While Lisa tries to feed the flycatcher’s family, David rides on a raven to the city. There he finds the birds.

Episode 21 – Airlift!

David meets up with his friend Cosmo, who says he is worried about the bats in the forest. Cosmo says the humans are poisoning the insects the bats eat, and many of them are starving. The bats are currently hibernating in trees, which are in danger of being cut down.

Episode 22 – Big bad Tom

David and Lisa go to a birthday party for David’s nephew, Maxmilion, where the two cure the former’s twin brother Paul’s cold. The farm has three friendly cats and one big mean black cat named Tom. During the party a gnome girl named Tina goes outside and gets picked up by Tom.

Episode 23 – Kangoroo Adventure

Susan is staying with David and Lisa and finds a gnome xray in an old trunk. It is an xray of the Australian Prince Rex, who just happens to be coming to visit David that day. David tells Susan about how he and Lisa went to Australia a long time ago

Episode 24 – The careless cub

David and Lisa go for a walk in the forest and meet a wolf. The wolf tells David that his wife and his cubs ate meat that had been poisoned by a shepherd. The wife had died, but the cub was still holding on.  Will David be able to help?

Episode 25 – The gift

David goes to see an old friend of his, a human doctor named Walter. David wants to give Walter a pocketwatch that has been in the gnome family for generations. David tells Walter a story about the time he let a human boy enter the world of the gnomes.

Episode 26 – The mountains of beyond

David and Lisa’s time on Earth is almost over. They know they will not live past the age of 400 years. David finishes writing his journal about the gnomes. He and Lisa are visited by an Arctic mouse, who is carrying an important message from them.