Law of Attraction for Kids

Teach your kids the Law of Attraction early enough, so they can have an amazing future. 

Law of Attraction for Kids Book

10 “Law of Attraction Book” Exercises

These are wonderful exercises you can practice with your little ones either at home on the on the run. I have to confess, I cherish the time I spend with my kids playing and learning about the LAWs. Hope you enjoy them as much as your little ones will do.



Day Dreaming

Wouldn’t it be nice if: Let your mind wander over delicious new possibilities. Choose a specific desire or bounce around from dream to dream. Either way these five words have the power to prompt you into a more open, resistance-free attitude. It’s easy. You start your question with “Wouldn’t it be nice if” and allow inspiration to be your guide. Each time you get a new idea that feels light and happy, focus on the feeling it gives you and the vision that prompted it. Play this at the breakfast table and watch everyone’s mood snowball into some major excitement!



ABC Game

This Abraham classic is perfect for a long drive or when you need to get your mind off a small annoyance. Start at the top with the letter A. Choose a word that feels bright, something like “alive” or “amazing” perhaps. Move on to the letter B. Rinse and repeat. Something else to keep in mind–when you do find a word you like, get into the feeling of it before moving on.




Meditation is an essential component of any self-respecting manifestor’s toolbox. This powerful process is appropriate for every situation and state of mind. While there are countless ways of meditating, for our purposes, it’s about pulling attention away from your usual thoughts. Start by finding a quiet spot where no one is likely to disturb you. Take a seat, close your eyes and focus on something neutral like your breathing. Abraham recommends meditating 10 to 15 minutes every day.




A process inspired by the story of a Native American man who was able to manifest rain by visualising it, it’s one of Jeanette Maw’s all-time favorites. The law of attraction coach suggests pulling this one out for your big, juicy goals. First of all you need a journal, one that inspires you. Next fill out a page a day writing about your desire as though it has already happened. According to legend, by the time you reach the end of the notebook, your dream will have come true or be so close you can taste it.



The Dream Box

Here’s another process inspired by legend. The Lemuria believed a dream box has the power to grant your deepest wish. Begin by writing it down as though it has already manifested. Get a small box, one you enjoy looking at. Fold up the piece of paper and tuck it into the box. Keep the dream box by your bed and every night and morning, hold it and think of your desire. One day it will be as real in the physical world as it is inside your mind.



Focus Wheel Process

This process acts like a bridge from how you are feeling to how you would like to feel regarding a specific area of your life. Start by drawing two circles on a sheet of paper, a smaller one inside a larger one. At the centre of the smaller circle write down your target feeling. Next go around the bigger circle like it’s a clock and write down 12 statements, one at each new hour. Keep your target feeling in mind for this and focus on each new idea for a few moments. Finally bring your focus back to the centre and circle the target thought once more.



Goal Card Process

You need just two things for this process. A card and a goal. A simple flashcard will do, but you can also go to Bob Proctor’s website and download one from there. He’s the one who invented the process by the way. Write down the goal on the card starting with the words “I am so happy and grateful that…”. The next and final step is for you to take your shiny new goal card and put it in your pocket. But that’s not all. You need to do this again and again, every time you change your clothes. That’s how the magic unfolds. Each time you touch the card, it will make you think of your goal.



Morning Process

Get out of bed on the right side every day with this exercise from Abraham. Sleep wipes your emotional slate clean which makes morning the easiest time to start new habits of thought. When you wake up, stay in bed and spend 10 to 15 minutes focusing on some good feelings. Once you’re established on the feel-good side of the scale, it takes a lot to knock you out of balance.



Vision Board

A vision board is a visualisation tool. You can have all kinds of things on it like magazine clippings, pictures, ticket stubs, quotes, fabric swatches, dried flowers, anything! It just has to inspire you. The vision board can be about your dream life or about a particular area of your life. In fact, go wild and make two!



The Book of Positive Aspects

Writing has magic of its own. Putting pen to paper has a way of getting your mind to focus says Abraham. Dedicate a notebook to this process. Set aside 20 minutes and start by filling a page with all the details of what you enjoy about a favorite feel-good topic. Next you will do the same with another wonderful area of your life. Perhaps ideas for other subjects will come flooding in while you’re focused on the first topic. After all, the more you appreciate, the more you will find to appreciate.



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